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Memories by f666 (D)


You ripped me into pieces by Paatkaa

'Under Your Bed', my Bakura mix, was certified as an 8tracks gem this morning.

Thanks you guys. ;—;

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1. This looks like the weirdest movie ever.

2. Daniel Radcliffe sounds like a COMPLETELY different person with an American accent. His voice literally sounds lower.

3. Oh look, a movie where Daniel Radcliffe makes friends with a snake!


from the beatonna "Fan Novel" meme, for summerpornathon bonus challenge 3: Purple Romance



from the beatonna "Fan Novel" meme, for summerpornathon bonus challenge 3: Purple Romance



It seems thiefshipping and tendershipping fics aren’t getting love anymore and that saddens me because I’ve had a lot of good ideas for both pairings, even wanted to add second chapters to a couple of my oneshots for them, but the fandom is wading away from them and getting more into the other spinoffs which is awesome, but makes me sad. Makes me wonder if I should move along as well. The DM fandom is lacking good fics and its really starting to show. (I mean, some are very great, but again, they aren’t getting the recognition they used to nor the attention they deserve.)

You shouldn’t ever be writing YGO fic for the recognition. It’s just not that kind of fandom in general; moreover, you should write fic because you have a good story to tell, no matter who is listening, you know?