This is the exact moment when Charles realizes that not only is Erik telling him the truth about not killing the president, but that Erik tried to save a man in authority who championed Charles’ dream of the unity between species. Erik believed, and it was Erik who was punished for his belief that Charles’ way (and JFK’s) might be able to work.

This is the moment when Charles realized that he had Erik convinced. Once.


X-Men: Days of Future Past | HD SCREENCAPS

PART 1: (8030 caps / 840 mb)
PART 2: ( 7710 caps / 803 mb)
PART 3: ( 6071caps / 732 mb)


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I notice a short message from my browser, and suddenly think about this- 



I notice a short message from my browser, and suddenly think about this- 



Paris Fashion House 1910

gina says that this is me in the middle


Paris Fashion House 1910

gina says that this is me in the middle

James McAvoy Talks Hanging Out with the Cast, His Scene with Patrick Stewart, Professor X’s Hair, and More on the Set of X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST


Please fellow shippers please listen to this because it’s fucking hilarious!! It’s definitely the best McAvoy interview I’ve ever known. Although we only have audio, James is much more relaxed and funny here than in other videos. I guess that’s partially because he feels more comfortable without a camera in his face and sitting down at the bottom of the stairs in the X-Mansion! Source is here. The link of the page of transcript has been posted but I’ve never seen the direct audio link here on Tumblr so…yeah.

Some fun stuff in this interview:

James talks about HISHE’s How X-Men: First Class Should Have Ended, his nose war with Patrick,”violent hair cropping,”  and First Class deleted scene where Michael wore a sexy blue dress.

James cracked his knee badly when he was doing the fall scene in the plane but he’s “quite bendy, quite bouncy.”

Hugh Jackman is called “hugo boss” because he’s like “I’m the Wolverine, bitch!” all the time.

James says his favorite line from xmen movies is “I’m the Juggernaut, bitch!” with an amazing impression.

James punched Nick in the balls.

Doing a big film is not so stressful because “Captain Picard” and “Gandalf” fucked up too!

Fuck and shit is constantly rolling out along with some really fancy ass words. I had to check the dictionary.

James is constantly cracking everyone up.

bb James young and happy.

This audio recording is 20 minutes long. But but but I promise it’s interesting, especially towards the end. If you don’t like it, just unfollow me XD


Cimetiere Monumental, Rouen, France.


Xavier’s floating chair look so much like he’s pooping in the middle of the air good heavens.

Charles Air Poops Xavier.

"What’s the last thing you remember?"


"I know…."

And then Magneto comes in with the grocceries and is like “You guys weren’t talking about me were you?”



ALRIGHT FRIENDS. This is a massive sale of my Goendama and Leche Bakura doujinshi! I’m thinning out my collection, so now is the time to get all the Bakura doujin you thought wasn’t there at every con you’ve ever been to (it was me every time, sorry)

For inquires or to buy, PLEASE EMAIL ME at 

Asks get lost, I prefer email! :)

Some tendershipping, a lot of geminishipping, and some darkshipping/kleptoshipping. If you need additional information about any of these, just ask. c;


GOENDAMA (first row of three)
Fragment - 35

Kimi no Tameni Dekirukoto - 40 (HOLD FOR ELLE)

Kamisama Onegai - 40 (SOLD TO whiteknightinblackarmor)

LECHE (all below)

Sickness Starlet - 20 (HOLD FOR TALENA)

At Long Last - 20 (HOLD FOR SUUKA)

Stick to his Last - 20 (HOLD FOR CAIN)

Double Graduation - 25

That one where Bakura maybe flirts with Yuugi a bit and he and Ryou get into a fist fight - 25

That sequel to Twin Last that includes TKB accidentally making out with Ryou when he thinks it’s Bakura - 25

Till the Last - 20 (SOLD TO whiteknightinblackarmor)

That one where Bakura DEFINITELY hits on Yuugi, wins him a ufo plush, and Ryou is upset because Bakura dies and he doesn’t think anyone will get why he misses him, except Yuugi gets it - 25 (HOLD FOR BEAKY)

The one where Yami Yuugi and Bakura have a friendly drink in their vessel’s soul rooms, and it’s awkward - 20

The one where Yami Yuugi is definitely jealous because Bakura is gorgeous and Yuugi thinks he might not be so bad, Bakura kicks some random people in the face while wearing a gym uniform - 25